We democratize energy through innovation

We are a team of researchers from different origins that explores the potential of transactive energy systems in Colombia

Clean , local and independent energy

Energy with social impact

An initiative led by EIA University in conjunction with University College London, EPM and ERCO Energía created to accelerate the energy transition through the development of user-centered energy business models such as peer-to-peer energy exchange and community self-consumption.


We are part of the sustainable energy transition

We are an interdisciplinary team of researchers, private companies and public energy providers from the city of Medellín. Through our work we shed light, not only on technical characteristics of new energy systems, but also on their implications for society, business transformation and regulatory innovation.

In Colombia,

Since 50-75% of potential solar energy consumers cannot install solar panels on their own roof,

Community solar energy projects become alternatives for people to support and access clean energy generation technologies.

They promote energy independence and security

Strengthens the decision-making power of people about the energy they consume and generate

Some projects focus on supporting initiatives in favor of the environment

Through this project, participants can share the benefits of accessing resources such as solar energy, while creating new forms of community collaboration.

We share what we generate

Revolución de la energía eléctrica

Revolución de la energía eléctrica

Créditos: Bancolombia Por Andrés Jaramillo, director de EnergEIA El sector de la energía eléctrica está experimentando un cambio como nunca antes en su historia. Estos cambios se enmarcan en una transformación aun mayor como es la llamada cuarta revolución industrial....

Reinventando los mercados de energía mediante la tokenización

Reinventando los mercados de energía mediante la tokenización

5 tendencias para la transformación energética en Colombia Al igual que muchos otros países, Colombia necesita y ha empezado a experimentar una transición hacia un nuevo paradigma energético caracterizado por cinco grandes tendencias, también conocidas como...

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